Restrictions were introduced on August 7

On August 7, Ukrainian Railways (UZ) introduced restrictions on the coordination of plans for loading new railcars for individual recipients at the Izmail STP. This was discussed at a meeting of the Export Office at the UZ, informs Interfax-Ukraine.

It is about recipients whose waiting list exceeds 30 days, explained the deputy director of UZ commercial work department Valeriy Tkachev. Restrictions apply to all stations located in the port of Izmail – both domestic and export.

«We see how many railcars move to the address of each consignee, how many railcars it unloads in relation to each other. If the unloading waiting time (queue) exceeds 30 days, we will not coordinate these loading plans,» Tkachev noted.

According to Valeriy Tkachev, as of August 9, 2023, 7,671 railcars moved to the port of Izmail, 2,490 railcars from this number – with grain. The average daily unloading at the port was about 280-300 railcars per day. The average queue at port stations at the beginning of the current week was 28 days.

As GMK Center reported earlier, at the beginning of August 2023, about 3,600 railcars with cargo from enterprises of the mining and steel complex of Ukraine were at on border approaches. 2.59 thousand railcars with iron ore, and 1 thousand units with steel products were heading towards the European Union. In total, there were 7.61 thousand railcars on the approaches.

Also, in the first half of 2023, Ukrainian Railways moved 70.5 million tons of cargo, which is 17.1% or 14.5 million tons less compared to the same period in 2022. At the same time, 12.4 million tons were transported in June, which is 8.1% more than the volume of May-2023 and 32% more than the same period last year.