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The train included 23 platforms, on which 13 tractors with semi-trailers were loaded

Ukrainian Railways (UZ) has sent the first contrailer train with trucks to Poland. The train consists of 23 platforms on which 13 tractors with semi-trailers were loaded. This is stated in the press release of the railroad operator.

The train runs on the route Sknilov (Ukraine) – Slavków (Poland). Customs and border clearance of the cargo takes place at the rail border crossing Izov – Grubeshev.

“The company has been working on the project for two weeks. There are still formal issues regarding the fast crossing of the Polish border, and specialists are already working on speeding up the process,” notes UZ.

Similar flights will be organized on the way back. From Slavków station, the trucks go to their destination already by road. The transfer of car drivers from the loading point to the railroad platform to the unloading point is provided by bus.

As GMK Center previously reported, the blockade of border crossings with Poland threatens the entire economy of Ukraine. Prolonged blocking of the border will make logistics more expensive and reduce the competitiveness of domestic exports. At the same time, Ukraine can only make limited compromises to fulfill the demands of the strikers.

According to the first deputy head of the VR Committee on Transport and Infrastructure, Yuliya Klymenko, the downtime of one truck is estimated at about €300 per day. There are also indirect losses for businesses – the inability to predict the delivery dates of goods under signed contracts.

The Federation of Employers of Ukraine reported that as of November 22 this year, the Ukrainian economy suffered more than €400 million in damages from the protest of carriers in Poland. If we count indirect losses, they are obviously measured in billions of euros.