Объем строительства в январе-феврале упал на 0,6% (c) shutterstock.com Объем строительства в январе-феврале упал на 0,6% (c) shutterstock.com

The strongest decline was recorded in the engineering construction, by 8.7% to ₴6.7 billion

According to the State Statistics Service, after a slowdown in January, the construction output in January–February went into the red, falling by 0.6% to ₴15.7 billion. The engineering and residential construction output decreased by 8.7% and 0.2% respectively, non-residential construction output increased by 12.5%.

The total volume of construction products in January–February amounted to ₴15.6 billion, including residential construction — ₴4 billion, non-residential and engineering construction — ₴4.9 and ₴6.7 billion respectively. The cost of construction of facilities of steelmaking companies amounted to ₴440 million.

Expenses for new construction amounted to 48.8% of the total construction output, maintenance and overhaul repairs — 24.7%, reconstruction and technical re-equipment — 26.5%.

As reported earlier, Ukraine’s construction output in 2019 increased by 20%. The highest dynamics in the segment was recorded in non-residential and engineering construction, an increase of 27.4% and 23.3% respectively. Residential construction grew by only 3%.

For more details on the situation in the construction sector in 2019 see GMK Center infographics.