The decision comes into force on April 14

The UK government decided to ban Russian pig iron, and steel from April 14, 2022, against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is stated in a press release on the government’s website.

Measures are aimed to reduce Russia’s key source of income, and will hinder the military ambitions of the aggressors.

“From tomorrow we will ban the import of the Russian iron, as well as the export of quantum technologies, and advanced materials that Putin needs so much. We will not rest on our laurels in our mission to stop Putin’s war machine”, Liz Truss, British Foreign Secretary, said.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the European Union has approved the fifth package of anti-Russian sanctions. In particular, new restrictions include a ban on coal import from August, access restrictions to EU seaports, and restrictions on goods transportation by road.

As a reminder, the international rating agencies withdrew ratings of Russia, and Russian companies in connection with EU sanctions.