In October, this indicator was 98.4 billion UAH, and in September – 87 billion UAH

The state budget deficit of Ukraine in November 2023 amounted to a record UAH 145.1 billion for this year, compared to UAH 98.4 billion in October and UAH 87.0 billion in September. This was reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

The general fund deficit jumped to UAH 162.5 billion from UAH 87.7 billion in October and UAH 85.6 billion in September.

The revenues to the general fund of the state budget decreased to UAH 121.7 billion from UAH 139.4 billion in October and UAH 144.1 billion in September. At the same time, there was no international grant aid from the United States, which amounted to UAH 42-45.7 billion in the previous two months.

State budget revenues for 11 months amounted to UAH 2.39 trillion, including UAH 1.54 trillion from the general fund, of which UAH 404.9 billion was international grant aid (US – UAH 398.5 billion).

During January-November, the state budget was implemented with a deficit of UAH 1.04 trillion, in particular, the general fund – UAH 1.08 trillion, against the planned general fund deficit of UAH 1.71 trillion.

As GMK Center reported earlier, the Verkhovna Rada on November 9 passed the law «On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2024». Budget revenues were increased by UAH 22 billion, they amount to UAH 1.768 trillion, while expenditures were approved at the level of UAH 3.35 trillion. The state budget deficit was reduced by UAH 22 billion, it amounts to UAH 1.57 trillion.