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The Association believes that the growth results from the favorable pricing environment and increase in exports

In January–September 2021, scrap collection in Ukraine grew by 43.1% to 3.13 million tons y-o-y, according to a statement by the Ukrainian Association of Secondary Metals (UAVtormet) on their Facebook page.

The Association believes that this trend results from the favorable pricing environment and a certain increase in exports.

Scrap exports in 9M totaled 455.4 thousand tons, while over the same period last year, only 25.6 thousand tons were exported. Imports of scrap increased by 26.7% to 17.2 thousand in the same period.

The Association also notes an increase in the supply of scrap to Ukrainian companies. Thus, an increase of 22.7% to 2.53 million tons was recorded in 9M, while the needs of Ukrainian steel producers were 3.1% oversatisfied.

As reported earlier, in January, UAVtormet predicted a drop in scrap collection in 2021 at 6–9% as well as a drop in scrap supplies to steel producers at 3–4.8%.