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The highest growth of 21.1% was recorded in the iron and steel segment

In January 2021, average salaries in Ukraine’s mining & metals sector increased in all segments. The highest dynamics was recorded at iron and steel companies, an average growth of 21.1% to ₴20.4 thousand, according to the data provided by the Trade Union of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine (TUMMU).

In January, average salaries in the mining & metals sector were as follows:

  • coke industry — ₴20.0 thousand (+13.2%);
  • pipe industry — ₴13.3 thousand (-7.1%);
  • mining industry — ₴19.2 thousand (+4.2%);
  • entire steel industry — ₴18.04 thousand (+15.1%);
  • non-ferrous metals industry — ₴10.8 thousand (-15.1%).

In January, the average salary in industry was ₴13.4 thousand (-10.2%) against Ukraine’s average of ₴12.3 thousand (-13%).

As reported earlier, in 2020, average salaries in Ukraine’s mining & metals sector increased almost in all segments against 2019. The average salary in the steel industry increased by 3.1% in 2020, while salaries at pipe and non-ferrous metals companies slightly decreased.