Moldova's railway

The total cost of the works is estimated at €71 million

The Railways of Moldova (CFM) plans to modernize two sections of the railway to ensure Ukrainian transit transport, informs Railway Gazette.

The total cost of the works, which include increasing the capacity and removing speed limits between Chisinau and Kainar and between Ocnica and Ungen on the Romanian border, is estimated at €71 million. The Government of Moldova is to provide €28 million, the EU – €20 million. In addition, the European the bank for reconstruction and development approved an anti-crisis loan of €23 million, which CFM will use to partially finance the modernization of two sections of the railway.

The aim is to facilitate the transport of goods by rail rather than by road from Ukraine to the EU via Moldova, ensuring food security and improving access for Ukrainian exports to the Romanian Black Sea port of Constanta, as well as the ports of Galati, Reni, Izmail and Giurgiulesti. Together, they are able to satisfy a significant part of Ukraine’s export needs.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Moldova simplifies transit of railway cargo from Ukraine. Elimination of double or triple control of customs and border authorities is foreseen. The procedures for rail transit of cargo through the territory of Ukraine with destination to Moldova and Romania and through the territory of Moldova with destination to Ukraine and Romania will be simplified.

Also, Moldova will speed up the repair of tracks to the border with Ukraine. In Moldova, repair works are underway on the Bendera – Keushani – Basarabiaska – Etuli – Giurgiulesti railway section. The project envisages the major overhaul of about 80 km and the ongoing repair of about 153 km of track. After the completion of the works, freight trains will run at a speed of about 90 km/h on the corresponding section.