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Such cars allow the military to move quickly and easily off-road

Steel trading company Metinvest-SMC provided the necessary rolled steel for the production of 10 Buggies vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). This is stated in the company’s press release on its Facebook page.

The company received a request for help with components for the production of Buggy from representatives of OС South. Buggies are fast cars that easily pass off-road. Such maneuvering vehicles are needed by the military to conduct reconnaissance and quickly strike the enemy.

“Providing small combat groups with mobile equipment is an important component for the successful performance of our military in combat missions. We continue to help and bring the victory of our country closer!” the company notes.

Metinvest-SMC continues to provide armor plates free of charge to provide military units, territorial defense, communal structures and individual fighters. More information can be found by link.

As GMK Center reported earlier, last year Metinvest-SMC developed a new type of protection for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – armored shields that protect machine gunners and operators of other large-caliber weapons from being hit by small arms ammunition and fragments during combat operations. The shield is installed on the swivel rack in the body of a pickup truck, SUV and other passenger or specialized vehicles. The rack, in turn, is mounted on a strong bearing and attached to the frame of the car itself.