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Last year, the company produced 11.48 million tons of steel, rising three points in the WorldSteel rankings

According to the results of 2021, the Metinvest Group ranked 42nd in the list of the world’s largest steel producers compared to the 45th place in 2020, having produced 11.48 million tons of products, the annual ranking of the largest steel companies by World Steel Association shows.

China Baowu Group named the largest steel company in 2021, having produced 119.95 million tons of steel (115.3 million tons last year). In second place ArcelorMittal – 79.26 million tons (78.46 million tons).

Also in the top five are Ansteel Group with 55.65 million tons (38.2 million tons), Nippon Steel with 49.46 million tons (41.58 million tons) and Shagang Group with 44.23 million tons (41.59 million tons).

In the list of the 50 largest steel producers for 2021, as in the previous 7 years, there are no Ukrainian companies except of Metinvest.

Earlier GMK Center reported that in 2021 global steel production increased by 3.7% compared to 2020, to 1.95 billion tons. Ukraine increased smelting by 3.6%, to 21.4 million