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Kamet Steel

The products are mainly used in mechanical engineering

Kametstal has mastered a new type of profitable steel product at its 400/200 mill – a round profile with a diameter of 27 mm. This is stated in a press release on the company’s Facebook page.

“Despite the difficult working conditions in wartime, the company’s rollers are improving production efficiency and systematically expanding the range of steel products in demand in the Ukrainian market. In May, the section rolling shop started production of hot-rolled rounds with a diameter of 27 mm, which are mainly used in machine building,” the company said.

The launch of the new products was made possible thanks to the teamwork of the rolling shop’s specialists together with the company’s technical department and calibration bureau. Accurate calculations of process parameters, together with the experience of previous work, made it possible to produce high-quality and competitive products that meet the requirements of the state standard.

“In response to the challenges of the times, we respond promptly to market conditions and have learned to make quick decisions in the development of new products that are needed primarily by Ukrainian consumers. The new standard size of the round profile was mastered in record time. We also maximized the use of internal material and technical resources, which helped us avoid the pilot rolling stage and accelerate the development. The first 300 tons of round 27 have already been shipped to domestic customers,” comments Alexander Oleynik, Chief Rolling Officer at Kametstal.

The 27 mm diameter round profile is the second new product added to the plant’s steel product mix since the beginning of the year.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal expanded the range of longitudinal shaped sections at the rolling mill’s pipe billet mill. In April, the first batch of SVP-33 was rolled for Pokrovske Mine.