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This tube is one of the most important elements of the rotor of the wire rod forming machine and plays a key role in the wire rod formation process

Kametstal has mastered the in-house production of coil forming tubes for the 400/200 mill’s coil line. This is stated in the company’s press release.

This spiral-shaped pipe is one of the important elements of the rotor of the coil forming machine and plays a key role in the process of forming wire rod coils.

Until recently, the following foreign-made replacement equipment was used on production line 200. Working in wartime conditions, logistical and financial difficulties, including equipment supply, have set new requirements for the rollers, and the need to manufacture the coil forming tubes in-house has become a priority.

«The task of manufacturing our own tubes for the coil forming machine required us to take a non-standard approach. We carefully studied the technical literature and video materials that documented the successful experience of such work at similar mills in Europe. And, of course, we thoroughly analyzed numerous attempts of our own each time. Finally, the quantitative factor turned into a qualitative one – we determined the optimal heating of the pipes, learned to use all the capabilities of the machine, increased the length of the lower part of the pipe and thus strengthened its configuration,» comments Olexiy Timoshenko, foreman of the 400/200 mill.

This year, Kametstal’s rebel line is operating exclusively using its own alternative pipes.

«In difficult wartime times, we have reduced production dependence on foreign supplies and logistics, and reduced downtime to replace this equipment. The results of our work proved that our wire rod formers are three times more durable than the previous ones we purchased: previously, we had to replace this equipment after rolling 10 thousand tons of wire rod, and now we are rolling more than 30 thousand tons. At the same time, the cost of replacement equipment manufactured in-house is three times less than the cost of purchased equipment. Therefore, thanks to our joint team efforts, we are systematically improving the efficiency of the rolling mill,» he added.

Since the beginning of 2024, Kametstal has shipped nearly 160 thousand tons of products manufactured at Mill 400/200 to domestic and foreign customers. The most popular products, which are in high demand both in Ukraine and abroad, include wire rod with a diameter of 5.5 to 12 mm, rounds with a diameter of 25, 30, 40 mm, angles, channels, and rebar with a diameter of 8 to 36 mm.