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It is used for casting billets with a cross section of 160x160 mm made of steel C72D2 and C80D2 and 200x200 mm made of steel S3355

Kametstal Iron and Steel Works in the converter workshop (CW) is mastering the new technology of pouring of billets with the use of locking mechanisms on grade CCM №1. This is stated in the message on the company’s Facebook page.

This technology is used for casting billets with a cross section of 160×160 mm made of C72D2 and C80D2 steel and with a cross section of 200×200 mm from S3355 steel. These grades of steel were chosen for pilot castings due to their particular demand from the key consumers of the company’s products, as well as the program for the development of new types of products.

«The peculiarity of the stop pouring technology, which is being worked on by steel smelting specialists on the machine for continuous casting of billets №1, is that the steel stream in the gap between the ladle and the crystallizer is protected by an immersion cup. This protects the hot steel from secondary oxidation, which negatively affects its macrostructure, and gives the billet the increased quality that consumers demand for some special orders,» the plant notes.

Through the development, the equipment of CCM №1, which participates in stop pouring, was repaired. The works are fully equipped with the necessary fire-resistant products – immersion glasses, locking pairs, nesting blocks, etc.

«Successful mastery of stop pouring of a continuous billet is additional prospects for expanding the range of Kametstal steel products. There is also an opportunity to partially replace the assortment of CCM №2 and thus reduce the costs of additional re-rolling at the pipe-making mill,» the message says.

Currently, the CW team is accumulating and processing statistics on the seriality of swimsuits using this technology. Also, the plant has already shipped almost 500 tons of billet-200 to Polish customers.

As GMK Center reported earlier, previously Kametstal launched a new one foundry crane №12A in the converter workshop. The unit will be used for pouring liquid pig iron into converters, as well as filling scrap and moving cargo.