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Kamet Steel

The main task is to completely replace the refractory lining and restore key mechanical components

Kametstal is carrying out a large-scale overhaul of BOF vessel No. 1 at the BOF Shop. This is stated in the company’s press release.

«The main task is to completely replace the refractory lining and restore key mechanical components that cannot be repaired during the operation of the unit. In terms of the scope of work and scale of tasks, this repair is equivalent to a major overhaul,» the statement said.

First of all, more than 800 tons of refractories will be replaced, which have reached the end of their service life. The refractory lining durability during the overhaul period has reached the standard of 4 thousand melts. Works are also underway to restore the metal structures of the BOF lining.

The key tasks include repairing the metal structures of the vertical bulk material conveyor, which affects the quality of the melt components feeding into the BOF vessel and the steel molds.

During the process shutdown, Metinvest Promservice and Zaporozhogneupor also started repairing the BOF gas recovery boiler. The boiler drum was opened for cleaning, defect detection and restoration of components and parts, replacement of pipelines, inspection and repair of pumping equipment. Necessary maintenance of the caisson and cleaning of the gas exhaust duct are being performed.

At the same time, a steel carrier designed to transport a ladle with liquid steel and a slag carrier to remove slag from the BOF vessel have already been repaired.

«The main goal of this repair is to improve the reliability of operation and extend the service life of BOF vessel No. 1, which is crucial for the efficiency of the shop’s production of high-quality steel. Together with our colleagues, we are doing our best to cover as much important equipment as possible. In particular, for the first time since the replacement of the BOF gas utilization boiler in 2018, we are replacing a 630 mm diameter sludge pipeline with a length of almost 50 meters. This will improve equipment performance and reliability, as well as reduce unproductive losses during operation,» comments Andriy Karzin, Deputy Head of the BOF Shop for Engineering.

As GMK Center previously reported, in Q1 2024, Kametstal reduced steel and pig iron production by 5% quarter-on-quarter to 469 kt and 403 kt, respectively. The decline was mainly due to the shutdown of blast furnace No. 9 in March for a scheduled overhaul.