Almost UAH 605 million was received by the Kamianske budget, more than UAH 1.549 billion was paid to the regional and state budgets

In 2023, Kametstal increased its tax revenues compared to the previous year, transferring more than UAH 2.154 billion in taxes and fees to budgets of all levels. This is stated in a press release on the company’s Facebook page.

The budget of the city of Kamianske received almost UAH 605 million, and more than UAH 1.549 billion was paid to the regional and state budgets.

«Despite the trials and challenges of wartime, Kametstal, along with all Metinvest Group companies, remains a stable producer of steel products important to the country’s economy and a responsible taxpayer. In this difficult time, the plant is also a reliable pillar of Kamenskoye’s economy and the largest donor to the city budget,» said Sergiy Polukhin, Kametstal’s CFO.

He added that the company’s contributions significantly help maintain stable salaries for employees of the city’s utilities, and ensure the operation of hospitals and other city programs.

Last year, Kametstal’s largest contributions to the budgets of Ukraine included a single social contribution (over UAH 401 million), land tax (over UAH 364.5 million), and personal income tax (UAH 352.5 million). In addition, in 2023, almost UAH 156.5 million of income tax and more than UAH 154 million of environmental tax were paid.

In 2023, including associates and joint ventures, Metinvest Group paid UAH 14.6 billion in taxes and duties to the budgets of all levels in Ukraine.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal paid UAH 1.6 billion in taxes in 2022. Kamenskoye’s budget received over UAH 528 million, while the regional and state budgets received over UAH 1.07 billion.