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Metinvest Promservice specialists set up a high-quality and efficient technology for restoring critical equipment

Kametstal has cut the cost of repairing sintering trolleys several times. This is stated in the company’s post on Facebook.

«The specialists of the steel equipment repair shop of Metinvest Promservice Branch No. 3 have mastered a high-quality and efficient technology for the restoration of important equipment. Until recently, sintering trolleys were sent to another city to carry out restoration work,» the company said.

From now on, the restoration work is being carried out at the facilities and by the MPS Centralized Repair and Maintenance Department on the territory of Kametstal. As part of the preparations for the new repair technology, the division’s specialists produced a stand for straightening bogies and designed and produced counterweights. On this bench, the steel structures of the trolleys are heated to the required temperature and leveled under a certain weight. Next, control measurements and tests are carried out, and if the equipment meets the specified parameters, it is handed over to customers.

Before the equipment is put into operation, its components and mechanisms are inspected, and the trolley wheelsets are straightened and repaired. This work is performed at the MPS site directly on the sinter plant’s premises.

Metinvest Promservice specialists have mastered this new type of repair, as the volume of orders from Kametstal for the restoration of sintering trolleys totals almost 260 units. Today, the repairers are able to straighten 60 trolleys per month.

«The repairers managed to reduce the cost of repairs by four to five times compared to previous work at another company. Their technology means that the equipment does not need to be sent to another city, which means that logistics costs are eliminated,» the company summarizes.

Sintering trolleys are an important piece of equipment in sinter production, and their uninterrupted movement through the sintering machine ensures a stable technological process. During prolonged operation at high temperatures, the metal structures of the trolleys are deformed, which disrupts the rhythm of movement. This can lead to a forced or even emergency shutdown of the sintering machine equipment, disruption of the production process and, as a result, a loss of sinter production.

In 2023, Kametstal shipped more than 1.996 million tons of steel to customers. Almost 35% of the total volume