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The plant's specialists are working on the restoration of technologically important units during forced stoppage

Steel plant Kametstal carries out major repairs of sintering machine’s drums No. 8 during the forced stoppage of the unit. It is reported by plant’s press service on the Facebook page.

The plant’s specialists began the major repair of the extinguishing drum and replacement of the drum mill trommel of the sintering machine. About 40 workers are employed at these sites every day.

The drum mill trommel performs the function of mixing and obtaining a homogeneous mixture from all components of the charge before its sintering. The extinguishing drum is designed to cool the sinter of the fine fraction, which is obtained in the process of sieving the finished sinter, and then enters the reverse cycle for further production.

In the extinguishing drum, the internal armor and spirals, the unloading part of the the barrel’s body of the unit were replaced. Support and thrust rollers, gearbox and drive shaft were also replaced. New conveyor loading devices were installed and the metal structures of the unloading device were repaired.

The drum mill trommel was completely replaced with a new one with reinforced metal structures due to the expiration of old drum’s the term.

“Specialists work together and quickly to complete the work according to the given schedules. Thanks to the repair, stable operation of the sintering machine will be ensured and the inter-repair period of its operation will increase,” Kametstal reports.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal established frequency converter of the gas blowing machine in the shop for capturing coking chemical products. The new device will make it possible to reduce electricity consumption during the transportation of coke gas to the enterprise’s consumer shops by 2 times.