The company provided generators, tablets, drone batteries and other equipment to the military

Interpipe, together with the trade unions, has already donated more than UAH 10.8 million to help the defenders of Ukraine, medical institutions and internally displaced persons, Interpipe Nico Tube press release notes.

Earlier, Interpipe Nico Tube, together with union representatives, donated a set of generators, laptops, tablets, drone batteries and other communications equipment for the military.

Also, Nikopol’s territorial defense forces were provided with materials for the construction of fortifications, including barbed wire and anti-tank hedgehogs.

“For almost three months now, Interpipe and its Revival of the Region Charitable Foundation have been helping the defenders of Ukraine, hospitals and displaced persons,” the statement said.

The fund supports military units and local territorial defense of Dnipropetrovsk region. Spare parts, tools, walkie-talkies, other equipment and ammunition were purchased for them.

“The needs of the military in the company are known firsthand. After all, only in Nikopol to various military units of the Armed Forces mobilized 275 Interpipe employees. We continue to work and bring victory closer,” the company said.

At the end of March, trade unions of Interpipe enterprises donated UAH 3.6 million to businessman Viktor Pinchuk‘s Revival of the Region Charitable Foundation. Of these, UAH 1.03 million was transferred by the Interpipe NTRP trade union. The funds are used to help the military, medical institutions and internally displaced persons.