The divisions of the plant were switched to conservation mode from the first days of war to preserve equipment, and prevent man-made accidents

To launch Ilyich Iron & Steel Works (Ilyich Steel) it is required the victory of Ukraine, and access to the enterprise in order to start the restoration, and launch technological processes. It was stated by Taras Shevchenko, General Director of the plant, during the United News telethon, reports Metinvest Mariupol.

“Part of the production has suffered. It’s difficult to estimate now how much time, and investments will be needed for recovery. The launch of the metallurgical plants is an absolutely real task after the victory of Ukraine, and we’ll fulfill it”, said Tarar Schevchenko.

From the first days of war all plant’s divisions were switched to conservation mode to maximize preservation of the equipment, and prevent accidents – man-made, environmental ones. In additional, bomb shelters were immediately opened for people, who could get to the enterprise.

“We have prepared shelters, made an adequate supply of food, water, and personal protective equipment for people. However, the supplies ran out a long time ago, because Russians don’t allow humanitarian cargo to enter Mariupol. This forced people to leave their shelters to search for food, and cook it on fire under the shelling of aggresion’s army”, added the General Director of the plant.

Among the current company’s main tasks is to help employees who were able to get out of surrendered Mariupol to the territory controlled by Ukraine. Metinvest settles, and provides all necessary assistance to affected citizens. Payment for March has been kept. People are employed at the other company’s enterprises, where there are vacancies.

As a reminder, on February 24, the Metinvest Group decided to switch part of Ilyich Steel, and Azovstal Iron & Steel Works equipment to the hot conservation mode. On that day, enterprises worked out the available iron & steel, and suspended the work.

At the of the March, it became known that 5,000 employees of Metinvest left the besieged Mariupol, which consists 10% of the company’s employees. The Group equipped around 5.5 thousand sleeping places in Zaporizhzhya, Kryvyi Rih, Kamenskoye, and Pokrovsk.

Ilyich Iron & Steel Works (Metinvest Group) is an integrated steel company. Its main products are carbon flat products, low-alloyed, and alloyed steel for various purposes. In 2021 Ilyich Steel increased the production of rolled products by 11.6% y-o-y, to 4.1 million tons. Crude steel production was up by 4.6% y-o-y, to 4.26 million tons.