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Currently, the enterprise already operates a 5 MW SPP

Ferrexpo, an iron ore company with assets in Ukraine that is listed on the London Stock Exchange, plans to build a new 10.8 MW solar power plant to meet its production needs. This was stated by Viktor Lotous, Chairman of the Board of Poltava Mining and Processing Plant, in an interview with Delo.ua.

According to him, the company already has a 5 MW solar power plant, which operates exclusively to meet production needs and does not receive money under the green tariff. The company is currently carrying out design work on the construction of a 10.8 MW plant.

Lotous noted that after the resumption of massive Russian attacks on the Ukrainian power system, the company also faced problems with electricity supply.

«For example, on March 29, there was an emergency shutdown for 12 hours and the company almost did not work. But then we got electricity and started working. On March 30, we were also limited to 20 MW. In the winter of 2023, we worked only at night, and during the day we were shut down,» said the top manager.

According to him, the company can be supplied with electricity from different parts of the grid, so it is not limited to any one route.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ferrexpo plans to electrify mining vehicles at three of the Group’s enterprises. In total, 14 kilometers of tracks in the open pits of Poltava Mining, Yeristovo Mining and Belanovo Mining are to be electrified. The first phase of the project has now been completed and the results of a study by an Australian consulting company have been received, which recommends consistent electrification measures for all three quarries.