At the same time, port shipments to distant markets dropped 19.1%

In January–October 2021, the Ferrexpo Group increased railway shipments to Europe by 53.9% to 3.1 million tons y-o-y. Conversely, shipments to distant markets fell by 19.1% to 6.2 million tons, according to the data provided by Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) JSC’s Main Information and Computing Center published on the Open Data Portal.

A total of 9.3 million tons of iron ore was shipped from Zolotnyshyne railway station in 10M, 4.1% down from the same period of 2020.

In terms of products, most were shipped to Pivdennyi Seaport through the following railway stations:

  • Beregova — 223.1 thousand tons (91.6% down from January–October 2020);
  • Chornomorska — 6.2 million tons (+18.9%).

Since June, no products have been shipped to Beregova railway station for the state stevedore, Pivdennyi.

Ferrexpo supplied a smaller part of its products to Europe through the following railway stations:

  • Batievo — 772.4 thousand tons (20.7% up from January–October 2020);
  • Izmail — 863.9 thousand tons (+46.8%);
  • Chop — 1.13 million tons (+56.8%);
  • Uzhhrorod — 297.5 thousand tons (more by a factor of 7.2).

The share of railway shipments of products to distant markets (Beregova and Chornomorska railway stations) totaled 67.1% in 10M, 12.4 pp down from January–October 2020. The share of railway shipments to Europe (Batievo, Chop, Izmail, and Uzhhorod railway stations) in 10M was 32.9% of the total volume of shipped products.

As reported earlier, in 2020, Ferrexpo increased production of iron ore pellets by 7% to 11.218 million tons y-o-y. The Group’s sales of iron ore pellets grew by 17.5% to 12.1 million tons.

In 2020, Ferrexpo increased railway shipments to sea ports by 32% to 9.24 million tons y-o-y. Conversely, shipments to the EU countries fell by 33.7% to 2.6 million tons.