The equipment will be used to transport iron ore from the Artemiv quarry

The 2TE10M diesel locomotive returned to the Central Mining and Processing Plant (Central GOK) after a comprehensive overhaul – it was restored at the Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant in Latvia. This is stated in the message of Metinvest.Media.

The restored locomotive will be used to transport iron ore from the Artemiv quarry to the processing complex of the enterprise. Thanks to modernization, the main characteristics of the machine were restored and its service life was extended.

As part of the modernization of the diesel locomotive, specialists carried out diagnostic work and replaced worn parts. Diesel engines were repaired with repositioning of crankshafts, turbochargers and air blowers, equipment of diesel support systems and cooling systems, and the connecting rod-piston group was replaced. The main generators, traction electric motors and two machine units were also repaired.

In addition, the crew part was completely restored: the frames of diesel locomotives and bogies, wheel pairs and spring suspension, the electrical wiring was completely replaced. Body work was also performed. To ensure comfortable work of the locomotive crews, the locomotive was equipped with air conditioning and anti-vibration seats.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in July 2023, Central GOK completed overhaul of firing machine OK-324 at the clod factory. Equipment repair work was carried out to ensure uninterrupted production of high-quality pellets.

Also, in March 2023, the Central GOK updated the equipment of clod plant. The plant has installed a modernized bowl-shaped clodder to ensure stable pellet production.