Vikant is a Ukrainian supplier of rolled steel in the segment of industrial and infrastructure construction with an extensive network of service centers. It is a supplier of products of the largest steel plants in Ukraine, Asia, Europe.

Main office

Kyiv, Ukraine

Number of staff

About 450 employees


Number of bases – 20

Transport – n/a

Stocks in warehouses: About 30 thousands tons

Production: Small circles, welding electrodes, construction grids, reinforcing frames and wire

Key products as of 2023

More than 800 positions of rolled steel products. The main ones among them are: sheet steel, wire, pipes, rebar, square, circles, strip, corner, channel and hexagon

Types of clients

Private developers, large construction companies, end users (builders, manufacturers of metal products) and steel traders 

Additional services

Service of primary processing of steel products

Plasma cutting and packaging of rolled products

Own cargo cars 

Sales volumes


Product suppliers

Export of products


Date of creation


Inna Ponomareva

Information about the company