blast furnance production
Utilization of domain capacity in China has increased despite calls for restrictions

Some plants have increased production amid of improved profitability
Three Chinese steelmakers plan to upgrade capacity in 2024

If approved, the plans will add about 1.52 million tons per year of blast furnace capacity and 1.66 million tons per year of EAF capacity
JSW Steel to launch new blast furnace at Dolvi steel plant in 2026

The capacity of the unit is 4.5 million tons/year
Utilization of China’s blast furnace capacity declined amid maintenance

The indicator fell for the second week in a row after the previous long rise
Utilization of China’s domain capacity increases for the sixth week in a row

Chinese steelmakers generally did not shut down their blast furnaces during the New Year holidays
Utilization of China’s domain capacity grows for the third week in a row

More and more factories are completing annual overhauls of blast furnaces
Tata Steel to close two blast furnaces in the UK by the end of 2024

As a result, 2.8 thousand jobs will be lost, 2.5 thousand of them within the next 18 months
China’s blast furnace capacity fell to a 15-month low

Steel processing plants continued to reduce production against the background of a decrease in market activity
Blast furnace capacity utilization in China fell to 87.6% at the end of November

The decrease in the indicator was mainly due to maintenance stops
Turkish Erdemir put into operation an updated blast furnace in October

Thanks to this step, the company will increase its annual production capacity
China’s domain capacity utilization continues to fall in October

The country's enterprises also reduced their consumption of imported iron ore
The Czech plant Liberty Steel puts out a single working blast furnace

A two-week shutdown is planned, the reason being cited as insufficient demand in Europe

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