blast furnance production
The Czech plant Liberty Steel puts out a single working blast furnace

A two-week shutdown is planned, the reason being cited as insufficient demand in Europe
Liberty Steel decommissioned the only blast furnace in operation at the plant in Romania – Argus

The reason was cited as problems with the supply of raw materials due to the weather in the Black Sea and a decrease in the water level in the Danube
Malaysia’s Eastern Steel launches second blast furnace

This is expected to increase the supply of slabs in neighboring markets
US Steel shuts down a blast furnace at an Illinois plant due to a strike in the auto industry

If necessary, blast furnace volumes will be redistributed to other company facilities
Ulanhot Steel launches a new blast furnace at a plant in northern China

The capacity of the unit is estimated at 1.13 million tons of pig iron per year
Salzgitter started repairing blast furnace A

Unit maintenance will last approximately 100 days
Salzgitter prepares to shut down for repairs at Blast Furnace A

Stopping the unit will not affect the company's ability to deliver products to customers

Zaporizhstal stopped blast furnace №3 for overhaul

About 200 million hryvnias will be allocated to upgrade the unit
Kametstal purchased generators to provide the cooling system for the blast furnace

This will ensure a stable process of blast furnace melting and cooling of hot blast lances in blast furnaces
Tata Steel plans to raise a $400 million green loan for the first time

The company plans to start green steel production at its IJmuiden plant in the Netherlands in 2030
Tata Steel IJmuiden will start the modernization of blast furnace №6 in April

The company has also created a group to address issues with the cold rolling condition of №21

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