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Doctors received two anesthesia stations for operating rooms and consumable surgical materials

Steel plant Zaporizhstal handed over medical equipment worth UAH 4.5 million to the doctors of the Zaporizhia Military Hospital. Press service of the plant reported about it on the Facebook page.

The medical institution received two anesthesia stations for operating rooms and consumable surgical materials from the enterprise. The list of medical equipment for the hospital was determined in accordance with the needs of the institution, as well as in coordination with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

“The key to our victory is unity and mutual support. The Zaporizhia Military Hospital, where defenders undergo treatment and rehabilitation, provides vital assistance to our soldiers. Metinvest Group supports doctors in this important matter,” the company reports.

According to the Zaporozhstal CEO Oleksandr Mironenko, the plant provides systemic assistance to the hospital.

“This is already the third or fourth delivery of medicines and equipment to the Zaporizhzhya Hospital. We have now handed over anesthesia equipment so that during operations there will be more opportunities to put patients into a state of sleep, and to provide quick and high-quality assistance. We will continue to cooperate with doctors to facilitate the provision of first aid to the wounded,” he commented.

The total cost of assistance that Metinvest has provided to the Zaporizhia Military Hospital since the beginning of the war is about UAH 15 million.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Zaporizhstal handed over for the military hospital of Zaporizhzhia oxygen supply system, anesthesia machine, video laryngoscope, blood and infusion solution heating machine, BIS-monitoring machine, high-frequency electrosurgical machine, electrocardiograph and oxygen concentrator.