In 2022, steel companies exported 1.64 million tons of flat rolled products from Ukraine

In December 2022, steel enterprises of Ukraine reduced the export of flat products by 16.9% compared to the previous month – to 44.71 thousand tons. In monetary terms, the export of such products fell by 11.1% m/m – to $29.93 million. This is evidenced by the State Customs Service’s data.

In December 2022, export of flat products abroad decreased by 92.9% year-on-year, and export revenue decreased by 94.2%.

In 2022, Ukrainian steelmakers exported 1.63 million tons of flat rolled steel, which is 73% less compared to 2021. The revenue of steelmakers from the export of such products fell by 73.5% y/y – up to $1.35 billion.

Export of flat products from Ukraine in 2022

The most exported flat hot-rolled products without coating (Nomenclature code – 7208) – 1.3 million tons for $1 billion, which is 72.5% and 73% less, respectively, compared to 2021. Also, 194.6 thousand tons (-72% y/y) of uncoated flat cold-rolled products (Nomenclature – 7209) were exported for $169.8 million (-73.6% y/y).

The three leaders among the types of flat rolled products in terms of export from Ukraine in 2022 are covered by flat rolled products with galvanic or other coating (Nomenclature 7210). During the year, steel companies reduced the export of such products by 75.1% compared to 2021 – to 85.5 thousand tons. Revenue from the export of coated rolled products fell by 74.3% y/y – to $108.22 million.

Poland and Turkiye are the largest consumers of Ukrainian flat hot-rolled rolled products without coating – 24.5% and 15.9%, respectively, in monetary terms. Poland (21.4%) and Bulgaria (14%) consumed approximately 35% of uncoated flat cold rolled products. Poland (63.2%) and Romania (17.43%) are among the main buyers of Ukrainian-made rolled steel.

After the Russian invasion, ferrous metals exports fell sharply due to the blockade of ports, logistical problems, as well as the destruction of the big plants in Mariupol – Azovstal and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works. Now Ukrainian steelmakers are actively looking for new ways to export products, but the shipment can be made mainly to Europe, since most world markets are closed to Ukraine due to the inaccessibility of ports.

In 2021, revenue from the export of ferrous metals from Ukraine increased by 81.4% compared to the previous year – up to $13.96 billion.