Auctions for the sale of secondary steel raw materials are scheduled for September 20, 2023

Ukrainian Railways (UZ) put up for auction in the system Prozorro.Sale 28 lots with scrap with a total weight of 16.63 thousand tons. The total starting cost is UAH 100.54 million. The average initial price per ton of raw materials is UAH 5.98 thousand.

All lots of raw materials are exhibited for the first time. The deadline for submitting applications for participation is September 19, 2023. Auctions will be held on September 20.

Top 10 lots exhibited by UZ in to the Prozorro system

The lot numberWeight, tCost, UAH


Among the scrap offered for sale are types 501, 503, 510 and others. These are parts and frames of railcars, mesh, tracks and other scrap.

This is already the third lot of scrap put up for sale by UZ this week. The total weight of raw materials currently awaiting sale is 55.6 thousand tons, and the initial cost is UAH 351.8 million.

From the beginning of 2023, UZ successfully implemented 55.43 thousand tons of ferrous metal scrap worth UAH 288.84 million.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in 2022, Ukrainian Raiways successfully implemented 113.04 thousand scrap ferrous metals with a total value of UAH 669.98 million. This is 43.8% and 55.4% less, respectively, compared to 2021.

Among the main buyers of raw materials were:

  • Metinvest-Resources – 37 lots (33.28 thousand tons for UAH 178.1 million);
  • Dniprostal – 36 lots (30.34 thousand tons for UAH 155.66 million);
  • Ferolit – 16 lots (12.3 thousand tons for UAH 95.19 million).

In general, the railway year the operator planned to implement 170 thousand tons of scrap metal. The state company also intended to dismantle 13,000 wagons, the weight of which is partially included in the above figure.