The actual rate for semi-railcars will be UAH 1,500/day

Ukrainian Railways (UZ) has published the rolling stock payment rates of the Transport Logistics Center branch in April 2023. It is stated on the carrier’s website.

The rate for semi-railcars in April will not change compared to March and will be UAH 1,500/day. The price for using pellet carriers will remain at the same level as in the previous month – UAH 150/day.

Toll rates will also increase for mineral trucks – by 6 times, mineral trucks for grain transportation – by 5.4%. The cost of transportation for both types of wagons in April will be UAH 1,800/day.

At the same time, the cost of transportation in grain trucks was reduced to UAH 4,050/day compared to UAH 4,200 in March. The rate for covered wagons fell by UAH 100 – to UAH 1,439/day.

Ukrainian Railways in February 2023 transported for export 1.317 million tons of iron and manganese ores. The share of iron ore in the structure of export transportation of the railway operator for the month was 26%. Transportation of ferrous metals abroad in February 2023 amounted to 321,000 tons, or 6% of the total volume of export transportation during this period.

Export transportation of grain in February amounted to 2.894 million tons, or 57% of the total volume of such transportation.

As GMK Center reported earlier, in February UZ introduced and a new intermodal service, that combines transportation by container and piggyback trains, as well as by combined transport trains based on the rolling stock of the branch Transport Service Center (TTS) Leski.