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Construction output grew by only 0.2% in H1

In June 2021, Ukraine’s construction companies decreased their output in the infrastructure construction sector by 29.3% y-o-y. However, in January–June, this figure fell by 2.8%, according to the State Statistics Service.

In June 2021, construction output rocketed by 21% against June 2020. In H1, this figure was just 0.2% up to ₴76.8 billion.

In June, residential construction grew by 24.1% against June last year. In H1, the growth was less significant, 16.4%. Non-residential construction grew by 1.2% in June, but fell by 4.9% in January–June.

The share of new construction in the total construction output in January–June was 36.8%, repair 35.7%, reconstruction and technical re-equipment 27.5%.

In 2020, Ukrainian companies increased the construction output by 4% y-o-y. The sector’s performance improved due to the Big Construction program. The volume of construction totaled ₴199 billion.