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Ukrainian producers imported 0.504 million tons of coke

In January–November 2021, Ukrainian coke plants reduced imports of coking coals and coking coal concentrate by 3.5% to 8.51 million tons y-o-y, according to the updated statistics of Ukrmetallurgprom.

Shipments of Ukrainian coal to domestic producers in 11M amounted to 3.32 million tons, 0.2% up from 11M 2020.

In general, Ukrainian coke plants received 11.83 million tons of coking coal, 2.6% down y-o-y.

The share of imported coals in the total supply was 71.9%, 0.8 pp down from 11M 2020.

In January–November 2021, 7.67 million tons of coke was supplied to Ukrainian coke plants, 3% up from the same period of the previous year. Almost all of the supplied coking coals, 7.166 million tons, were produced in Ukraine. This is 2.1% down from January–November 2020. In the same period, Ukraine imported 0.504 million tons of coke.

The share of imported coke in the total supply was 6.57%, 4.92 pp up from 11M 2020.

In 2020, Ukrainian coke plants received 13.29 million tons of coking coals, 3.5% up from 2019. The share of imported coals in the total supply was 72.8%, 1.9 pp down from the previous year.