Steel production

About 3.5 million tons will be needed for solar and nuclear power plants

In the coming years, the United Kingdom will need more than 10 million tons of steel for new energy projects. It is stated in a new study by Tata Steel, the country’s largest steel producer, reports Swansea Bay.

According to Tata Steel, more than 5 million tons of steel will be needed for the construction of thousands of offshore wind turbines by 2030, and approximately 3.5 million tons will be needed for the planned solar and nuclear power plants in the coming years. About 1.5 million tons can be used to create infrastructure for hydrogen production and distribution, large-scale carbon capture (CCS) projects, unlocking new sources of oil and gas in the North Sea.

According to Henrik Adam, chairman of Tata Steel UK, recent events demonstrate how important it is to have a reliable energy supply. To achieve this, the UK will need an energy revolution that will require millions of tonnes of steel for new energy projects.

“UK steelmakers such as Tata Steel want to be part of this revolution, for example by developing new steel products for solar power plants or floating wind turbines. A strong steel industry is also of fundamental importance for the implementation of the country’s government’s ambitious energy plans,” he noted.

However, according to Henrik Adam, if the UK’s steelmakers want to become steel suppliers, they need to invest in decarbonising the industry.

Gareth Stace, CEO of the UK’s steel industry association UK Steel, noted that these figures demonstrate the opportunities provided by the energy transition, including for stimulating the country’s economy and steel sector. According to him, more than 33,000 people are directly employed in the industry today, and another 42,000 jobs are indirectly supported through the purchase of goods and services. The production of electricity in the country with the help of British steel will help create green jobs and ensure economic growth.

As GMK Center reported earlier, UK steelmakers, including employees of Tata Steel UK, British Steel, Liberty Steel, Celsa Steel and Outokumpu, in December 2022 called on the government to urgently support the industry. The steel sector was under threat due to energy prices and cheap imports.