Таиланд продлил на пять лет пошлины на импорт г/к проката из Украины (c) Bloomberg(c) Bloomberg

Safeguards rates vary from 30.45 to 67.69%

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has extended anti-dumping duties on imports of some HRC items from 14 countries, including Ukraine, for another five years, according to Steel Orbis.

The anti-dumping duty originally came into effect in May 2015 and amounted to 0% to 128.11%. In May 2020, the Ministry reported to have revised the safeguards.

The anti-dumping investigation was initiated by the Thai steel companies Sahaviriya Steel Industries, G Steel Company, GJ Steel and Sahaviriya Plate Mill.

Now, following the investigation, the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand decided to maintain the anti-dumping duties on imports of some hot-rolled products at a rate of 0% to 128.11%. The duties affect the following countries:

  1. Ukraine: 30.45–67.69%
  2. Algeria: 33.26%
  3. Argentina: 37.94–53.09%
  4. India: 20.02–31.92%
  5. Indonesia: 24.48%
  6. Japan: 0–36.25%
  7. Kazakhstan: 68.11–109.25%
  8. Romania: 27.95%
  9. Russia: 24.20–35.17%
  10. South Korea: 2.81–58.85%
  11. Slovakia: 51.95%
  12. South Africa: 128.11%
  13. Taiwan: 3.45–25.15%
  14. Venezuela: 78.44%

As reported earlier, last year Thailand canceled duties on imports of some types of non-alloy hot-rolled flat products from all countries, including Ukraine (in coils and sheets). The Government of Thailand reported a substantial decrease in imports of metal products.