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The company cut production of sinter ore by 26.4%, down to 111.6 thousand tons

In May, Southern Mining and Processing Plant (Southern GOK), according to the company’s website, increased production of iron ore concentrate by 0.5%, up to 1.047 million tons, compared to the same period a year earlier.

The output of sinter ore in May fell by 26.4%, down to 111.6 thousand tons.

In January to May, Southern GOK boosted production of iron ore concentrate by 4.4%, up to 5.27 million tons, compared to the same period of the previous year.

Over the five months, production of sinter ore decreased by 29.9%, down to 565 thousand tons.

Southern GOK is one of the main iron ore producers in Ukraine. It specializes in mining and beneficiation of low-grade ferruginous quartzites for production of 67.7% Fe concentrate and 58.18% Fe blast-furnace sinter ore.

Production capacity of Southern GOK: 29 million tons of crude iron ore, 11 million tons of iron ore concentrate and 2 million tons of sinter ore per annum.

Southern GOK is owned by the Metinvest Group and Lanebrook Ltd.

As reported earlier, Southern GOK increased production of iron ore concentrate by 4.7% in April, up to 1.04 million tons, and by 5.1% in March, up to 1.09 million tons.