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Until that moment, the unit had been idle for almost a year

On September 15, 2023, Pokrovsk mining and processing plant produced the first tons of AM-1 class manganese sinter ore at the Bohdanivsk processing and sintering plant (BPSP) after a long period of downtime. This is stated in the press release on the company’s website.

«Until now, the unit has been idle for almost a year. Currently, there is a need for the production of sinter ore, which is produced at BPSP. In order to bring the plant to functional readiness, the labor force of its staff and repair units was involved,» the message says.

The batch components for the sintering of finished products are actively accumulating in the fine concentrate warehouse. During the downtime, the room for receiving these components was properly prepared, the grab cranes were repaired.

As the head of BPSP, Vadym Hybalo, noted, the preparation for the launch of the plant included an overhaul of all equipment, but special attention was paid to grab cranes, sinter machine, bowl cooler, dust and gas cleaning system and water supply. The level of emissions from the factory fully complies with all permitted standards.

In September, it is planned to produce 15,000 tons of sinter ore at BPSP. Currently, the third part of the production plan has already been completed.

«Currently, BPSP works in compliance with all production norms and indicators. The plant’s task for the autumn season is to produce 40,000 tons of high-quality sinter pre. It is planned to be carried out during September-October,» the company summarizes.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Pokrovsk Mining in the middle of July 2023 after a 4-month standstill re-commissioned the Chkalovsk Mining and Processing Plant (ChGOK). The issue of factory operation directly depends on the demand for concentrate, which is not increasing yet.

Pokrovsk Mining is the largest producer of manganese ore in Ukraine. The main consumers of products are enterprises of the steelmaking and ferroalloy branches of the steel industry.