At the request of the military, Kryvyi Rih enterprises have manufactured and delivered about 30 models of targets

Metinvest Group has started manufacturing targets for military training at its Kryvyi Rih facilities as part of the Steel Front military initiative. This was reported by Metinvest.Media.

«To effectively fight the enemy at the front, Ukrainian defenders must maintain a high level of professional knowledge and skills. In particular, in the use of small arms. Metinvest’s enterprises in Kryvyi Rih have started producing targets to enable the military to practice and improve their skills on a regular basis. The special equipment is used during the training of the defenders,» the statement said.

Currently, the specialists have mastered the production of three types of targets: Gong, Popper and Tree. They consist of sturdy frames on which the target is hung. Thus, the target equipment parts can be replaced if necessary by installing new components on the frames.

At the request of the military, Metinvest has already produced and delivered approximately 30 target models.

The company has already built more than 35 steel platoon bunker strongholds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and plans to produce another 90. The Group has joined the fortification program that is underway in virtually all frontline areas – the second and third defense lines with platoon strongholds are being actively built.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Metinvest has allocated UAH 4.8 billion to support Ukraine and Ukrainians. More than UAH 2.5 billion was spent on helping soldiers as part of the Steel Front military initiative.