Metinvest Group, as part of its Steel Front military initiative, has launched the production of steel underground command posts that protect personnel from the effects of shelling and enable the Ukrainian Armed Forces to operate on the front line in safe and comfortable conditions. This is stated in the company’s press release.

The command post helps to save the lives of the military as it can be deployed and collapsed on the front line in a short time and, if properly installed, provides protection against artillery fire of any caliber.

«The first steel headquarters, designed for 30 soldiers, has already been delivered to the Ukrainian Army free of charge and installed in one of the hottest spots on the frontline,» Metinvest said.

The steel headquarters consists of five or six separate mobile bunkers, the production of which Metinvest set up in October 2022. These are interconnected underground shelters that perform various functions, from living quarters and sanitary areas to the command’s working headquarters. This creates an entire underground complex of buildings.

Made of corrugated steel, the bunkers are equipped with sleeping and working areas, showers and boilers, heating, lighting and communication systems, storage for weapons and personal belongings, and electronic equipment. This makes it possible to use the underground headquarters not only as a shelter and a place of rest, but also as a work area that ensures the quality of the command’s work on the front line.

«Unfortunately, the war is with us for a long time. Combat has become a constant companion of every Ukrainian, especially those who defend our country in the ranks of the Armed Forces. Therefore, the development of improved bunkers and entire underground complexes is a contribution of Metinvest and Stalin Front to improving the lives of soldiers on the front line. People are the most important thing. And if we can not only create a safe space from shelling but also make it as comfortable as possible, we do it,» Metinvest’s Chief Operating Officer Olexander Myronenko commented.

According to him, the company plans to develop new configurations of underground steel complexes for other needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The new command posts are based on the traditional model of a bunker “hideout”. Metinvest has already supplied more than 330 such steel capsules to the Armed Forces since 2022.

As GMK Center reported earlier, since the beginning of the full-scale war, Metinvest has allocated UAH 4.8 billion to support Ukraine and Ukrainians. Of this amount, more than UAH 2.5 billion was spent on helping soldiers as part of the Steel Front military initiative. The company has donated 150,000 bulletproof vests, 25,000 helmets and helmets, 80,000 anti-tank hedgehogs, 31,500 turnstiles, 1,500 drones, 2,000 thermal imagers, 500 vehicles, dozens of mine trawlers for tanks, patrol boats and lance catchers.