The equipment was received by fighters defending the Donetsk region

Metinvest Group, through «Steel Front» military initiative, handed over thermal imaging sights with a range of up to 2.5 km and laptops to the fighters in the Donetsk direction. This is stated in the press release of Metinvest.Media.

The equipment is necessary for faster detection and elimination of the enemy, it is especially effective at night. They were handed over to the military by the operational director of Metinvest Oleksandr Myronenko.

«This is not the first time we have helped this brigade, we already have established cooperation with them. And we will continue to do so in the future. All these accessories are always in demand among the military. And especially here, near Avdiivka, where fierce battles are fought every day, almost without rest. Thanks to the Ukrainian defenders, Avdiivka is a Ukrainian city,» he noted.

Also, the fighters received laptops, thanks to which they will be able to transmit data about the enemy’s positions even more quickly. This equipment allows to perform combat tasks more efficiently.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Metinvest handed over to the doctors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 30 ambulances worth approximately UAH 18 million. The cars were assembled for more than a month, all of them were delivered from Italy.

Also, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the company sent for help 3.7 billion UAH to the state and its citizens, more than 2 billion UAH of which are for the needs of the army through «Steel Front» military initiative.