More than UAH 2 billion from the total amount went to the needs of the army through the military initiative «Steel Front» of Rinat Akhmetov

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Metinvest Group has allocated UAH 3.7 billion to help the state and its citizens, more than UAH 2 billion of which are for the needs of the army through Rinat Akhmetov’s «Steel Front» military initiative. It is stated in the company’s message.

The group, which is 17 years old, has invested all this time in the production and well-being of Ukraine. And in the face of a full-scale invasion, it mobilized all its resources to bring victory closer. In addition, the company is simultaneously working with a focus on the future and making plans for the restoration of the state after the victory.

«Earlier, we were happy that our steel was chosen for the construction of ships, the construction of bridges and magnificent structures. And now we are proud that Metinvest steel saves the lives of soldiers, takes care of their comfort on the front lines, and stands guard at Ukrainian borders. In peaceful life, the Metinvest team was a pillar of Ukraine’s economic stability, and now our people are fighting for the independence of their homeland on the front lines and in the rear. We did not choose war. However, our choice is to fight. For freedom, self-identity and the future that victory will bring,» says the CEO of the Metinvest group Yuriy Ryzhenkov.

From the first days of the war, Metinvest joined the military initiative «Steel Front» and helps strengthen the defense capabilities of the army. The company allocated UAH 2 billion to meet the needs of the Ukrainian army.

During the year of the war, Metinvest became one of the largest private donors of the Ukrainian army. The defenders of Ukraine received 25,000 helmets and more than 150,000 body armors from the company.

From special steel, the company also produces armored shields for operators of large-caliber weapons and protective elements for vehicles operating in the line of fire. Steel products of Metinvest are also used for the production of mobile buggies. In the spring of 2023, the sales company Metinvest-SMC shipped 3.8 tons of rolled steel to the South Operational Command, which is enough to equip 10 minicars.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the company has, in particular, transferred for the military:

  • 200 mobile shelters for strengthening trenches;
  • more than 80 thousand anti-tank hedgehogs and spiked chains against wheeled vehicles;
  • 43 tons of wire rode for the production of mini-bastions;
  • more than 400 generators, multi-charging stations, batteries and portable chargers;
  • 1.2 thousand drones;
  • 1.7 thousand thermal imagers;
  • 700 thermal imagers;
  • 376 cars (in particular, ambulances).

For the newly created volunteer battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine «Offensive Guard», Metinvest handed over equipment worth UAH 10 million. These are night vision devices, rangefinders, scopes, binoculars, quadcopters, charging stations, starlinks, tablets and laptops. And the fighters of the third separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces received equipment for building communication networks, special equipment for armored personnel carriers and charging stations worth more than UAH 20 million.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the company has employed more than 7,300 people at its enterprises in Pokrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih and Kamianske, including more than 1,600 from Mariupol and Avdiivka. Currently, Metinvest has almost 900 vacancies for both immigrants and residents of the cities of presence.

To support peaceful Ukrainians who suffered as a result of the war, the company, in coordination with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, created the «Saving Lifes» project, which is one of the largest humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine. Almost half a million people in 70 territorial communities have already received assistance. Almost 200 companies from all over the world joined the project. For more than a year of its work, the amount of aid from donors exceeded €2.7 million.

«Saving Lifes» also supports Ukrainian hospitals, which are forced to work under conditions of double workload. €250,000 worth of medical supplies were delivered to medical facilities in Zaporizhia, Kryvyi Rih, Kamianske and Avdiyivka. Metinvest also helps doctors under a separate program implemented jointly with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. In general, since the beginning of the war, the company has allocated about UAH 200 million to support Ukrainian medicine. «Saving Lifes» and the UN Global Compact in Ukraine also announced the creation of Psychological Rehabilitation and Support Centers for injured civilians – the first one is planned to be opened in Zaporizhzhia in July.

In May, Metinvest joined another large project. Together with the authorities, the company will help rebuild a residential building in Zaporizhzhia, which was damaged by an enemy rocket attack last year. After restoration, the building will have its original appearance, because it is an architectural monument. The business will allocate UAH 50 million for this.

As GMK Center reported earlier, with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Metinvest Group completely transformed operational business model, rebuilt logistics and stabilizes production volumes, which makes it possible to service debt obligations.

Also, Metinvest, taking into account associated companies and joint ventures, in January-March 2023 paid to the budgets of all levels in Ukraine over UAH 2.5 billion in taxes and fees.