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The cost of equipment sent to the Ministry of Defense was $2.5 million

Metinvest Group handed provided 1,000 sets of modern special-purpose equipment to the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Metinvest Media reported.

The equipment, purchased from an Israeli manufacturer for $2.5 million, will protect frontline fighters and help them perform tactical tasks more effectively.

“The courage of the Ukrainian military has become an example of courage and dignity for the whole world. Our defenders have been resisting the aggressors for almost three months and liberating the country from invaders. Now the soldiers of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will be able to do this even more efficiently and professionally,” said Alexander Vodoviz, head of the project office of the Metinvest CEO.

Each donated set consists of a light bulletproof vest, a helmet and a thermal imager, which has a special mount on the helmet. It took more than two months to purchase this ammunition.

“Special equipment will immediately go to the front line, to the hot spots in the east and south of Ukraine. These items are essential for those who contact and destroy the enemy,” the press release says.

Earlier GMK Center reported that Metinvest donated UAH 1.18 billion to help Ukraine Since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The company provides humanitarian support, delivers food, buys medicines, and helps Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense, specifically provides ammunition, vehicles, and other necessary things.