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Myrnograd bridge

The company, together with the Pokrovsk Military Administration, concluded a memorandum for the repair of the Nova Station overpass

Metinvest Group together with the Pokrovsk city military administration concluded a memorandum on the restoration of the Myrnograd bridge. According to the document, the company will allocate UAH 5 million for the production of project documentation for the reconstruction of the overpass. Metinvest Pokrovskugillia informs about it on the Facebook page.

“The road test will remain a thing of the past, because Metinvest together with the Pokrovsk City Military Administration concluded a memorandum to jointly restore the overpass near the Nova Station. This is the same Myrnograd bridge, on which more than one pendant was broken and dozens of wheels were left behind. And we are ready to put an end to this,” the message reads.

Project documentation will be produced with the company’s funds, which will be the first step towards the restoration of the most important transport artery of Donetsk region.

“We have already engaged the best specialists of the leading company in the field of engineering, geology and geodesy – MODUL-ESPERT LLC to handle the project in two months. So the bridge, which was built back in the 80s, should get a new life already this October. Funds for major repairs will be allocated by the state,” the company adds.

In the course of the works, it is planned to carry out a major overhaul of all building structures: supports, bridge deck, beams, racks. In addition, it is planned to restore all approaches to the bridge, including two traffic rings, pedestrian sidewalks and lighting

As GMK Center reported earlier, Metinvest handed over to the rescuers a modern specialized vehicle to the rescuers of the 45th state fire and rescue unit of Kamianske (SFRU). In 2022, the same specialized vehicle was handed over to rescuers of the 35th SFRU – this fire and rescue unit ensures fire and man-made safety of the enterprise’s steel divisions.