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Due to this, the use of natural gas in candle lighters was reduced by 40 m3/h

The steel plant Kametstal carried out a major overhaul of the blast-furnace gas afterburner No. 2 in the gas shop. This was reported by Metinvest on its Telegram channel.

“Each division of the plant uses the period of production decline to carry out repairs or implement measures, in particular, energy saving,” the report says.

This gas appears during pig iron smelting in blast furnaces. After purification, it can be used as a fuel in air heaters, gas engines, etc. Surplus is disposed of with the help of an afterburner.

Due to the repair and implementation of energy saving measures, it became possible to use an internal energy resource on lighting candles – coke oven gas instead of expensive natural gas.

Thus, the plant managed to reduce the use of natural gas for candle igniters by 40 m3/hour.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal overhauled two iron ore grab loaders at the charge preparation area. With the help of aggregates, an iron ore pile is formed for further production of sinter.

Earlier the plant launched into work axle rolling mill, which was temporarily stopped. The mill was suspended due to the destruction of the Azovstal Iron & Steel Works, which supplied axle blanks to the enterprise. Recently, the plant agreed on the supply of axial steel with the Interpipe company.