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The main repair efforts are focused on equipping the heating furnace and rolling cages

Kametstal Iron and Steel Works is carrying out a scattered overhaul in 2023 at mill 400/200 in the rolling shop. This is stated in the company’s press release.

The main repair efforts of the rollers and specialists of Metinvest Promservice are focused on the equipment of the heating furnace and rolling stands.

First of all, four water-cooled heating racks of the furnace are being replaced, followed by their lining. The steel structures of the descaling device housing when the billets leave the furnace and other important components and parts are being replaced. The lining of the heating furnace roof is also being partially renewed.

On the rolling stands of both lines of the mill, the components and parts that ensure the smooth and rhythmic movement of metal during rolling are being inspected and replaced.

«The mill was shut down for this important work, but most of the previous stages of this year’s overhaul were completed without a complete shutdown, thanks to the ability to alternate the operation of rolling lines. The main goal of the overhaul is to improve the reliability of the main components and assemblies of the 400/200 mill, which means that the mill will be able to produce the steel products in demand for Ukrainian and foreign customers without interruption. Also, by upgrading the lining of the heating furnace, the metallurgists hope to reduce natural gas consumption and thereby increase the efficiency of the site and the shop,» the message says.

The final stage of the scattered overhaul in 2023 – the restoration of a number of components and parts on the reamer, as well as the section and slitting lines of the 400/200 mill – is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal has recently completed a major overhaul of BOF vessel No. 1. The final stage involved replacing one of the unit’s key components – the bearing of the non-drive journal. This part weighing 5.4 tons ensures the rotation of the BOF vessel during the steelmaking process.