The plant creates comfortable conditions for workers staying in bomb shelters

Since the beginning of the war, Kametstal Iron and Steel Works has equipped the protective structures of the enterprise with five diesel generators. Metinvest.Media reports about it.

“Under the conditions of martial law in the country, Metinvest creates comfortable conditions for employees to stay in the protective structures of the company’s enterprises. It is extremely important for this to ensure uninterrupted power supply,” the message says.

Since the beginning of the war, four powerful diesel generators have been installed in the plant’s bomb shelters. Currently, the installation of the fifth DALGAKIRAN generator of the DJ110BD series is continuing in the coke chemical division.

In the event of a power outage, 80 kW units will produce electricity for four bomb shelters in autonomous mode.

“In case of a threat, people will be able to stay inside protective structures for quite a long time and at the same time they will be completely protected,” the plant notes.

It is also planned to connect the main external lighting networks of the coke chemical division for safe movement and evacuation of workers in the absence of power supply at night.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal for the first time cast the cone and ring of the backfill apparatus’ bowl of the BF weighing 18 tons and 9 tons, respectively. The cast elements will be sent to the Zaporizhzhia Foundry and Mechanical Plant (ZFMP) for further processing and assembly of the backfill apparatus. After that, the structure will be installed on the blast furnace of the enterprise.

Also, the plant has begun major repairs of the workshop’s converter №2. Now the old equipment is being dismantled. Later, specialists will replace the main bearing of the converter and reline it.