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A feature of effective melting technology is preheating of scrap

Kametstal is expanding the range of steel that can be smelted using economical technology with preheating of scrap. This is stated in the company’s press release on its Facebook page.

The peculiarity of the efficient preheated smelting technology is that immediately after the scrap is poured into the converter, before liquid iron is poured, the scrap is heated with oxygen and using gas coal.

“This allows us to increase the use of scrap metal, which reduces the consumption of liquid iron in steel production and, consequently, its cost,” the company says.

A lot of effort and expertise was put into developing and implementing this technology in the BOF Shop. They carefully selected the melting parameters, determined the amount of oxygen and gas coal for heating, the optimal scrap heating modes to prevent the formation of a liquid phase during pig iron pouring, and the modes of melting blowing.

«The proven technology has already proved its economic efficiency in terms of meeting the parameters and quality requirements for the steel produced in the converter. That is why steelmakers continue to develop and improve their achievements, systematically increasing the share of melts with scrap preheating and reducing the consumption of liquid iron in steelmaking,” Kametstal summarizes.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Kametstal expanded the range of longitudinal shaped sections at the rolling mill’s pipe billet mill. In April, the first batch of SVP-33 was rolled for Pokrovske Mine. The company has also mastered a new type of profitable steel product at the 400/200 mill – a round section with a diameter of 27 mm.