«Интерпайп» в январе-апреле нарастил выпуск ж/д продукции на 16,7% «Интерпайп» в январе-апреле нарастил выпуск ж/д продукции на 16,7%

Steel production fell by 12.5%, while production of pipes was down by more than a third

In January–April 2020, Interpipe, a Ukrainian industrial company, increased production of railway products by 16.7% to 75.8 thousand tons compared to the same period of the previous year,

according to the press release on the Company’s website.

Over the first four months of the current year, pipe production decreased by 31.9% to 141.7 thousand tons, and steel production declined by 12.5% to 270.9 thousand tons compared to January–April 2019.

In April, the Company produced 54.2 thousand tons of steel. Production of railway products reached 17.4 thousand tons, while production of pipes 40.4 thousand tons.

In January–April, Interpipe ramped up sales of round steel billets by 1.3% to 11.9 thousand tons, railway products by 20.9% to 75.8 thousand tons, whereas sales of pipes fell by 31.9% to 141.7 thousand tons.

“The outbreak of COVID-19 and mainly the oil and gas crisis affected the Company’s sales of pipes in April. Europe was the only region where a minor increase in sales was reported, as coronavirus incidence declined and some restrictions were eased in support of demand,” the Company explained.

The main sales markets for Ukrainian pipes are Europe (34%), the MENA region (22%) and Ukraine (19%). Interpipe sells railway products mainly in the CIS (44%), Europe (31%), and Ukraine (17%).

In 2019, the Interpipe Corporation reduced steel production by 4.2% to 854.5 thousand tons against the previous year. Production of pipes decreased by 13.3% to 587 thousand tons against 2018, whereas production of railway products grew by 11% to 207.7 thousand tons.

Interpipe is a Ukrainian industrial company that produces seamless pipes and railway wheels. The Company exports its products to over 80 countries all over the world through its network of trade offices located in the key markets of Ukraine, the Middle East, South America and Europe. Interpipe employs 12 thousand persons.