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The money will be used for humanitarian goods delivery, food and medical equipment purchases

Ferrexpo has increased its humanitarian fund spending by UAH 145 million to UAH 352.5 million to provide further support to local communities in the region, as well as wider community support throughout Ukraine, the official company’s press release reads.

“The decision to approve additional funding has been made to ensure that the Group’s management team is able to continue to respond in an effective and timely manner as the humanitarian crisis unfolds in Ukraine.”

The company provides logistics for humanitarian goods from European countries to Ukraine, buys food and medical equipment. Ferrexpo also donates ambulances for hospitals in central Ukraine, as well as apartments repairs for local migrants.

Ferrexpo set up and donated $ 1.5 million to the Humanitarian Fund on March 7 to support the communities where company operates and help Ukraine. Funding was later increased to $7.5 million.

Also Ferrexpo provided its real estate – a hotel, recreation facilities, a dormitory and a children’s camp to accommodate 1335 people escaping the war from other regions of the country.