The company provided free accommodation, food, medical treatment and psychological help

Ferrexpo provided corporate real estate – a hotel, recreation center, a hostel, and children’s camp – to accommodate 1,335 people from other regions of the country who are seeking shelter from the war. It’s stated in the message of the company on its Facebook page.

At these points the company provides free accomodation, meals, treatment, and psychological support.

“Some stay for one night, and continue on their way to other destinations. Those who have nowhere else to go find accommodation in Horishni Plavni, the hometown of Ferrexpo, and in accordance with their qualification we can find them a suitable job in the company”, the message says.

As a reminder, Ferrexpo opened a Humanitarian Fund to support the communities close to the Group’s operations as well as to help the Ukraine in general, and has already allocated $1.5 million to it.

As reported earlier, Metinvest considers its main activity area the provision of humanitarian aid jointly with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. The company buys food in Ukraine, and Europe, and has created for it the logistic center in Poland, and delivers everything to Zaporizhzhya, where it forms special food packages, ready for delivery to Mariupol and other cities in need.