Central Mining

The plant purchased a new HIT 52 MF inertial screen, which will significantly improve the entire operation of the plant's equipment

The Central Mining and Processing Plant (Central GOK) allocated UAH 3.7 million for the purchase of a new HIT 52 MF inertial screen for the crushing plant. This is stated in the Metinvest.Media’s press release.

“The screen is one of the main types of technological equipment of the crushing plant. It is used to separate iron ore by size. The main purpose of the new equipment is the pre-screening of iron ore on the loading path of the third stage of crushing in front of the KSD 2200 crusher,” the message says.

The iron ore that passes through the sieve screen is delivered to the processing plant of the combine, and the rest goes to crushing. Thus, thanks to the rational distribution of iron ore products, the load on the crusher is reduced, and specialists save time and energy resources.

The unit works on motor-vibrators, it is equipped with vibration-resistant, small-diameter bearings with a service life of up to 40,000 hours. The equipment can work without interruption for up to 4.5 years and is able to process a large amount of material.

“The installation of a new screen allows to significantly improve the operation of all factory equipment. We have more precise control over the sizes of material fractions. In addition, this modified equipment will reduce the level of noise and vibration created by the rattle during operation. This provides more comfortable working conditions for our employees and reduces the impact on the environment,” said the head of the crushing factory Central Mining Oleksandr Ivashura.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Central GOK performed a scheduled replacement of the MSHC 161 mill at the production site for the repair of technological equipment of the iron ore processing plant. The plant also repaired four vibratory feeders of the crushing plant

Central GOK is among the five largest producers of iron ore in Ukraine. Specializes in mining and production of ferrous metals: concentrate with iron content of 68.5% and 70.5%, as well as pellets with iron content of 67.5%.