Ukrainian seaports stopped cargo transshipment

Since the beginning of the war Ukrainian seaports have been closed due to mine danger, as well as because of the threat of piracy from the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. According to calculations of GMK Center, for every day of war 420 thousand tonnes of cargoes do not transship at Ukrainian seaports.

Stoppage of Ukrainian ports leads to disruptions in supply chains and threatens global food security. While in the transshipped cargo volumes of Ukrainian seaports the average share of export is 77.1%, the same indicator for specific products is higher, for example, grain – 95.6%, ferrous metals – 94.7%, oil (primarily vegetable) – 90.2%.

Currently, export shipments are carried out only by Ukrainian railway, which is overloaded and cannot complete all shipments on time.

According to mass-media, there are no critical damages to the port infrastructure in the seaports of Ukraine now. In case of damages, which are highly possible, ability to export products will be reduced even after ending hostilities.

Operations of Ukrainian ports are critical for exports from Ukraine, including agricultural products, in which Ukraine is one of the largest suppliers in the world.

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